Support your local small business community and help them thrive

Local government

For local government, helping start-ups and small businesses access the advice they need is more than just a legal obligation.

Local councils have a key role to play in supporting economic development, particularly since the changes to the business support network and the abolition of Business Link.

Having your own small business resource centre provides a simple, low-cost and proven way to support local start-ups and small businesses. Your customised and branded resource centre provides:

  • A clear way to demonstrate your support for the local small business community
  • Proof that you understand and care about their unique challenges in good times and bad
  • Genuinely helpful, high quality and comprehensive advice, rather than just signposting businesses to elsewhere
  • Flexibility to incorporate or link to your own local content
  • Full marketing support with branded e-newsletters and social media services
  • A boost to local entrepreneurship and employment

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