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Law firms still get most of their business through word of mouth recommendations. Atom's marketing tools boost the number of people making those recommendations.

Think about it. Most people hesitate to recommend a law firm, even if they had a good experience. Because the person to whom they make the recommendation may have a different experience. Perhaps their fee-earner will be different, or their matter will turn out to be problematic, or the fee-earner will simply have too many deadlines at the same time.

But people are quick to recommend a source of good information.

We can turn your law firm's website into a treasure trove of such information: all the most common legal FAQs (we have over 1,400 of them), plus briefings and checklists, mean that your clients can quickly educate themselves about divorce, or probate, or employment, or whatever the legal issue is. For the client, suddenly a scary and stressful situation becomes more manageable.

It's great for the fee-earners too. They can give a new client a ready-made set of information.

Fewer misunderstandings. Faster progress.

Less "I wish I had known that in the first place". More "Thank you, your firm is really helpful".

And it's great for whichever over-worked person is doing your social media. With our resources at your disposal, getting results from social media is a doddle.

Your clients will love our content. If you don't believe us, ask them. Try it out, free of charge.

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